What are the 21 Day Fix eating plan details?
The 21 Day Fix Eating Plan is not a recipe-based plan like other Beachbody nutrition plans. Here’s how it works: Start by calculating a calorie level based on starting weight. Next, find the calorie chart that corresponds with the calorie level. This will indicate the daily allotment of Fix color-coded containers. From there, the Eating Plan shows a list of foods that can be eaten with each color-coded container. Then, just fill the containers with the foods from the list, up to the daily allotment of Fix containers. No required recipes. No required number of meals. No required foods or ingredients. If it fits in the container, it can be eaten!

Is there a guarantee on the containers?
Can individual containers be purchased?
Will individual containers be available soon?
If ordered separately is the Eating Plan included?
Are they dishwasher safe?
Are they BPA & DEHP free?
Are they microwave safe?
Is a wine cup included?
Are the containers gender specific?
What sizes are the containers?
Yes, a 30-day money back guarantee.
No, at this time only the 7-piece kit is available.
Possibly, if it appears there is a great demand.
No, it is only included in the full 21 Day Fix program.
Yes, they are top-rack dishwasher safe.
Yes, they are free of both chemicals.
Yes, they are microwave safe.
No, the container set does not include a wine cup.
No, the amount of food intake varies by weight not gender.
The Fix is designed to make portion-control easy, so we color-coded the containers so you wouldn’t have to count ounces. The exact ounce size of each container is proprietary information to Beachbody.
Can the workout program be returned minus the containers?
Yes, however the Customer/Coach making the return will be charged $17.95 for the containers (regular price) and refunded the cost of 21 Day Fix (less s&h).

Do you have more questions? Check out the 21 Day Fix FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) by clicking on this link.


Do the program for 21-days or continue with multiple rounds.  It’s all up to you.  Accountability and support groups start in February!

21-Day Fix Base Kit

  • Containers
  • Workouts
  • Shakeology Cup
  • Eating Plan (with recommendations for each container with healthiest options listed first)
  • Price: $59.85

21-Day Fix Challenge Pack

FREE Shipping for both in February only.  Join my challenge group now for support, accountability and RESULTS!  Contact me to get started!